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Jennifer Richeson Wins MacArthur Award

richeson.jpgCongratulations to Dr. Jennifer Richeson of Dartmouth, who just won a MacArthur Award, better known as a “genius grant.”  Dr. Richeson studies the cognitively taxing effects of interracial interaction and shows that interracial interaction appears to be ego depleting, making it harder to self-regulate in subsequent situations.  Here’s what the NYTimes says about her:

Jennifer A. Richeson, 34, the social psychologist who examines prejudice and racial stereotyping, is an associate professor of psychology at Northwestern University known for her novel use of empirical methods to analyze the experiences of minorities and majority group members as they interact. She found that battling expressions of prejudice decreased effectiveness in other cognitive tasks.

Because I’ll never win an award like this, I’m going to take pride in the fact that I’ve been following her work for several years and have found it fascinating and informative.  As a fellow social psychologist, I’m happy to congratulate Dr. Richeson and to look forward to many more years of productive contributions to the field (unless she just wants to take the money and buy an island or something)…


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