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Whither Stigma?

anklet.jpgTime was, people would be embarrassed for getting in trouble with the law, but perhaps when pop culture figures glamorize lives of crime, take pride in trips to rehab, and smile in their mug shots, we should expect that the court-ordered ankle bracelet would become a fashion statement.

Not that such things should necessary be career-enders (celebrities get both less and more sympathy than they deserve), but how does one take a stigma and make it a badge of pride?

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The Neuroscience of the Gestalt–More Face Science

face1902.jpgThe Times has a nice piece on the science of face recognition. They do a nice job discussing the neuroscience behind the tendency to see faces in things. (if you’re interested, see my earlier post on a similar topic.)

Researchers know that we’re predisposed to recognize facial patterns for some obvious reasons, but those faces can become so convincing that many of us interpret them as a miracle. We often see what we want to see, but more often, we see what our brain thinks we should see–it’s working overtime to make sense of meaningless patterns.

It’s a good read, and I think articles like this can go a long way to help people think critically. It’s not that it means people have to abandon their religious beliefs or faith, but they also need to know what the science says might explain such phenomena. Might even be liberating!

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