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“Vitamin K” (not the real one) May Help Chronic Depression

Hmm. Not sure it’s worth the potential side effects, but if I suffered from severe chronic depression I imagine I’d try just about anything. This trendy illegal drug, really called Ketamine, appears to work in different ways from traditional drugs that block serotonin reuptake. K “targets glutamate” (that’s according to the WaPo article, but they don’t quite explain what that means, and this isn’t an area I’m well versed in), leading to a belief that we might be able to create non-K drugs with less side effects to do the same thing. For now, NIMH, who funded the original study, is working on combating side effects and replicating.

Caution: The Post article is a little weird and rambling; maybe the writer is manic….

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Autistic Stephen Wiltshire

This is the website of British autistic Stephen Wiltshire, who’s been called the “Living Camera” for his ability to draw huge landscapes upon viewing, entirely from memory. His site provides some insight into autism, and his work is incredible!

Here‘s a video of his construction, via Neatorama.

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Old Drug Ads

thorazine.jpgMy, how our perceptions of drug treatment have changed! Take a look at some of these ads, many of which are for treatment of psychological disorders.

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