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“Vitamin K” (not the real one) May Help Chronic Depression

Hmm. Not sure it’s worth the potential side effects, but if I suffered from severe chronic depression I imagine I’d try just about anything. This trendy illegal drug, really called Ketamine, appears to work in different ways from traditional drugs that block serotonin reuptake. K “targets glutamate” (that’s according to the WaPo article, but they don’t quite explain what that means, and this isn’t an area I’m well versed in), leading to a belief that we might be able to create non-K drugs with less side effects to do the same thing. For now, NIMH, who funded the original study, is working on combating side effects and replicating.

Caution: The Post article is a little weird and rambling; maybe the writer is manic….

via BoingBoing


5 October 2006 - Posted by | Clinical, Psychopharmacology

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